J.C. VILLEGAS was born and raised in the South, spending most of her days in Mississippi. Since childhood, she has been a strong advocate, seeking justice and the humane treatment of animals and people. Throughout her lifetime, she has seen and experienced a great deal of prejudice, more often administered in minute ways as opposed to the grand gestures of hatred we hear about almost daily in the news. No matter the size of the gesture, she has seen how prejudice affects people on a personal and family level, as well as how it affects our society.

Although she has been described as a natural storyteller, J. C. Villegas had not planned on writing a book. But, as strange as it may seem, this story came to her in a dream. She did not act on the dream immediately. In fact, it took almost nine months of continually having this persisting and strengthening dream before she took action. With this action, Journey of a Cotton Blossom was born through her.



Journey of a Cotton Blossom is a historical, culturally rich reminder of the repression faced by those who don’t share the class, race, or sexual-orientation privilege that is owned by those in power. This Southern tale is filled with charm and is a beautiful journey into the life of struggle and self-acceptance. The reader constantly feels a connection to the main characters, who are fighting not only for their lives but, just as importantly, their dignity.”

co-founder and former co-director of GetEQUAL

“An unforgettable historical novel about the power of faith to sustain one's soul in spite of hardship and discrimination. Complex, three-dimensional characters bring this generational saga to life . . . Highly recommended for both personal and public library fiction collections.”